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ESP8266 Strava running stats display (again)

Since ESP8266 is cheap as chips (quite literally - less than £2 a pop) I got a handful and started re-building previous breadboard mockups.

Excuse my savage ways of building stuff, but here’s my second iteration of the Strava running stats display:

ESP8266 Strava running stats display ESP8266 Strava running stats display

Mildly interesting: most of hobbyist friendly through-hole regulated power supply ICs cost more than ESP8266 ESP-12E.

ESP8266 OSC to MIDI WiFi bridge for TouchOSC

One more quick & dirty ESP8266 mockup: Open Sound Control to MIDI bridge. And this time ESP8266 runs as a WiFi access point to your mobile device (phone or tablet) sending the OSC messages (with TouchOSC for example):

ESP8266 OSC to MIDI WiFi bridge for TouchOSC

Source code available on GitHub: https://github.com/tadas-s/OSC2Midi

Combined with TouchOSC this can provide an additional very configurable control surface for one or more synthesizers (or pretty much anything with MIDI I/O).

Similar devices already exist but with ESP8266 it could be as cheap as £15 DIY kit compared to £50 - £150 range (I also cannot really find anything that can act as WiFI AP instead of attaching some kind of bridge adapter to the mobile device).

And here’s a quick demo video:

Currently (as mentioned) it’s only a mockup, but could be easily fit into a box about twice the size of 9V battery (including the battery).

ESP8266 OSC to MIDI WiFi bridge for TouchOSC

Another thumbs up to Espressif for such a cool system-on-a-chip!

ESP8266 based Strava running stats display

After a few evenings of messing around with ESP8266 I managed to produce a very simple display of my Strava running stats. For now it only fetches my public profile and extracts two figures: total and current month’s killometrage I ran with the tracker. Nothing terribly useful and definitely nothing complicated, but it’s a fun start.

For now it simply connects to my WiFi network and starts fetching my profile every couple minutes. Two figures (total and this month) flip on the display every 10 seconds:

Code is bit of a mess, configuration can only be done via serial port.

And here’s an action shot in the kitchen:

ESP8266 Strava running stats display

As you can see I am not an industrial designer ;). And I should probably go back to running, since figures in that display haven’t gone up for last couple days.

And as I said - ESP8266 accessibility and ease of use is amazing, I’m stoked about it.

ESP8266 Flashing Jig

Woo! ESP8266 Flashing jig is ready:

ESP8266 Flashing Jig

Works great with Arduino IDE + ESP8266 board “plugin” + PL2303 USB to serial cable.

ESP8266 WiFi module

It seems I’ve been living under a rock for past couple years not to learn about ESP8266 WiFi module.


Long story short: last time I checked embedded WiFi options for hobbyists it was mostly $50-$150 boards or Arduino shields. And now there’s this tiny 10x25mm module for ~3 dollars (literally costs peanuts). Low power, but with fairly quick MCU, 1x ADC, 16x GPIO pins, WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption, can be used both as client or as a WiFi access point(!). And most importantly has an amazing community, good software support, lots of info / documentation. Crazy! ;)