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ESP8266 OSC to MIDI WiFi bridge for TouchOSC

One more quick & dirty ESP8266 mockup: Open Sound Control to MIDI bridge. And this time ESP8266 runs as a WiFi access point to your mobile device (phone or tablet) sending the OSC messages (with TouchOSC for example):

ESP8266 OSC to MIDI WiFi bridge for TouchOSC

Source code available on GitHub: https://github.com/tadas-s/OSC2Midi

Combined with TouchOSC this can provide an additional very configurable control surface for one or more synthesizers (or pretty much anything with MIDI I/O).

Similar devices already exist but with ESP8266 it could be as cheap as £15 DIY kit compared to £50 - £150 range (I also cannot really find anything that can act as WiFI AP instead of attaching some kind of bridge adapter to the mobile device).

And here’s a quick demo video:

Currently (as mentioned) it’s only a mockup, but could be easily fit into a box about twice the size of 9V battery (including the battery).

ESP8266 OSC to MIDI WiFi bridge for TouchOSC

Another thumbs up to Espressif for such a cool system-on-a-chip!


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