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ESP8266 based Strava running stats display

After a few evenings of messing around with ESP8266 I managed to produce a very simple display of my Strava running stats. For now it only fetches my public profile and extracts two figures: total and current month’s killometrage I ran with the tracker. Nothing terribly useful and definitely nothing complicated, but it’s a fun start.

For now it simply connects to my WiFi network and starts fetching my profile every couple minutes. Two figures (total and this month) flip on the display every 10 seconds:

Code is bit of a mess, configuration can only be done via serial port.

And here’s an action shot in the kitchen:

ESP8266 Strava running stats display

As you can see I am not an industrial designer ;). And I should probably go back to running, since figures in that display haven’t gone up for last couple days.

And as I said - ESP8266 accessibility and ease of use is amazing, I’m stoked about it.


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